RD5 '17: Demons vs Swans (W.Conf)

Mitch Skelly | 08.06.17

Clapham Demons 1.0 (6) def by London Swans 4.6 (30)

Following a big day out at the races Sunday footy was always going to be tough! Whilst it was a super effort to get everyone at the Alex so early to help out (including Tank representing the men) the energy levels in the first half were a little bit below par.

The first quarter was a tough battle for the Demons with the ball mostly camped in our defensive half of the ground. Juicy Lucy and H were giving it their all to stop the Swans from scoring, however by the first siren they had managed to put 2 goals on the board. Despite the score line there were some really strong efforts, Tinni chased everything down at break neck speed and Sarah battled hard in the ruck to give our mids a chance.

It was more of the same for the second quarter, the Demons fighting hard, but hardly able to get the ball past half way. The Swans had a couple of solid defenders from the Irish side playing which helped their cause, however Goldy was trying her best to get the She-Dees up and about. With half a dozen new players playing we had to learn on the go, and things did start to look more promising as the game wore on. With H now in the ruck and controlling proceeding in the middle we looked like scoring a goal soon enough.

After a half time rev up the Demons finally found their spark and attacked every contest full bore. Some great work by the mids sent the ball forward where Sniece combined with German Nat to kick our first goal and a goal on debut for Nat. This was a deserved reward for the teams hard work, and a great moment for a player in their first ever game! We had the better of the swans for the rest of the quarter, Steve and Jo got more involved in the midfield and both Elle C and Elle V providing rebound from defence.

Unfortunately we couldn’t go on with it in the final quarter and the Swans managed to kick another goal to take the margin back out to a four-goal gap. Things didn’t go our way today, however under the circumstances and with 6 players in their first game we should look to the positives and start planning how we can topple the undefeated Wildcats this weekend.

Goals - Nat 1
Best - H, Tinni, Steve, Elle C, Elle V

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