RD6 '17: Demons vs Wildcats (Prem)

Harry Dixon | 16.06.17

Demons 7.7 (49) def by Wildcats 11.8 (74)

The game against Wildcats was always going to be a tough encounter, especially on our home ground. There was a strong wind blowing that began to create havoc for both teams throughout the early stages of the game.

Wildcats were the first to get points on the board, but it didn’t take long for the Demons to hit back. A very see-saw game, with each team trading goals between them and playing a great game of high quality football. The Demon’s pressure was constant during the day, with a never give up attitude amongst everyone.

At half time, the Demons were down but not out of the game, a small deficit that could be overcome. Strong leads and conversions to goals by Rousey and Rabbits got some points on the board, with great ball movement around the ground from Ben Durance and Harrie Lahy. A few injuries during the game was not the ideal situation to be in, however the boys got on with the game.

Pitto was giving the Wildcats backline some grief throughout the entire game, being everywhere the ball was and picking up the loose pieces. Tex, being a very strong competitor around the ball and working tirelessly across the ground and Joe Lloyd, wow wasn't he putting some solid hits into the Wildcats backline!!

As the 4th quarter started, the Demons were behind still but we were the first to hit the scoreboard with a great tap out from the centre, to the on-ballers cleaning up and kicking into the forward 50. As the game progressed, it continued to be a see-saw type of match. The Wildcats ended up coming out with the W by 25 points. But hats off to our boys, who kept fighting right until the end of the game.

Next week, another top of the ladder clash, this time against the Lions at Clapham Common.

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