RD6 '17: Demons vs Wildcats (W.Conf)

Mitch Skelly | 16.06.17

Demons 1.3 (9) def by Wildcats 8.6 (54)

Another tough game for the women's conference team coming up against the undefeated Wildcats on The Common to kick off 'Big Freeze on the C'. Whilst we knew we were in for a tough game there was some confidence we could cause an upset if we stuck to our game plan and gave it a red hot crack.

The first quarter saw the Dee's kicking against a very strong breeze and we made the decision to play 1 extra behind the ball. Whilst we managed to hold the Cats to 1 goal there was some signs of their dominance with the amount of forward 50 entries they had, and the seemingly endless number of loose players.

We hoped to tighten up around the ground and capitalise on the breeze in the 2nd quarter however this wasn't to be. Again the Wildcats had our measure, with the ball mostly camped in our defensive end. Amy T and Elle V were leading the charge from the backline, constantly rebounding from the defensive 50, meanwhile Fizzy was making sure that the Wildcats knew we weren't here to muck around with some really solid, and fair, bumps and tackles.

The 3rd quarter was the one that really did the damage to the Dee's with 5 goals piled on from the Wildcats. As usual H was a strong presence around the ground, leading the way with her attack at the footy and her voice, whilst Ri was getting more and more of the footy with some classy touches. Elle C had a pinch hit in the ruck and showed she's more than up for that task in future too, but by ¾ time we were about 8 goals down. When we finally did get the ball to full forward, Buckets took a great grab but couldn't quite convert for our first major.

To their credit the Demons never stopped trying, laying tackles and bumps and doing everything possible to get ourselves the elusive goal. A late switch saw Amy T move forward, who made a great smother which was capitalised on by "songbird of a generation" Betho to slot through our first and only goal.

Whilst we couldn't take the points on the field we sure did off the field, the Big Freeze was an absolute success. Well done to everyone and anyone who helped out with baking, working in the tent, selling raffle tickets, doing beer runs, singing songs last Thursday night and auctioning themselves off in the name of charity. As said by Jimmy Prez; it is what we do off the field that makes us the best in the business.

Goals - Betho
Best - Ri, Amy T, H, Fizzy, Elle V

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