RD7 '17: Demons vs Lions (W.Prem)

Mitch Skelly | 30.06.17

Demons 2.6 (18) def Lions 2.1 (13)

It was a hot day on the Common as we hosted the Lions of London North, but nothing Mother Nature could deliver had the sheer heat and intensity of this showdown between the top 2 sides in the women's premiership. Whilst we have a great relationship off the field with our Northern friends, we certainly enjoy a fierce rivalry on the park and expected the Lions would be out for revenge following our match in round 2.

As has become the trend the Demons started the game strong and controlled the first quarter, our half backline of Becks, Pudge and Trucker was like an impenetrable wall and our forwards Auto, Linda and B looked dangerous. Unfortunately we couldn’t quite put the goals on the board and needed to be a little smarter with our forward entries if we really wanted to get scoring.

The 2nd quarter was a much better one for the Dee's, Tessa began to dominate and the powerful combination of Fizzy and Auto combined to put the first goal on the board. Ri was looking good in her role on the wing and a move to get Becks into the midfield saw her more involved. Snakesy was again given the task to run with a very good footballer and had another really important game as a shutdown defender. When Linda bagged our 2nd goal things were looking good, however some wasted opportunities were at risk of coming back to bite us on the bum... something many are used to after a night on the lash with Noodles. Speaking of Noodles, she took some great marks in the 2nd quarter and was providing a really strong target all day long.

Whatever happened at half time we need to make sure it isn't repeated again! Following a much needed rest in the shade, the team came out looking a little sluggish and off the money. The ball floated between half forward and half back for most of the quarter, but for whatever reason we decided we didn't need to play tight 1 on 1 football and could leave our backline to do all the dirty work. We were very lucky to get away with holding the Lions to 1 behind for the quarter and if things didn't improve after the final break, there was a real chance of being overrun.

At ¾ time it was made clear that we needed to be better, though this didn’t really translate into on field performances. Again we allowed Lions players to run free and our 2nd efforts dropped off significantly. With their confidence building the Lions managed to put 2 goals on the board and make for a tense final few seconds. As a team we now know we need to get fitter and become more accountable for our opponent, this game served a timely reminder that we still have a long way to go as a football team if we want to be winning trophies.

When it's all said and done we've have another 4 points on the board and all but sealed top spot on the ladder, which is an awesome effort after coming 3rd last year. With only 1 more premiership game and 2 for conference before finals every training session will be super important in the quest to be premiers, so get down as many nights as possible and work hard on the track.

Goals - Fizzy, Linda
Best - Tessa, Pudge, Becks, B, Fizzy, Auto

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