RD7 '17: Demons vs Lions (Social)

Stu "Kettles" Fox | 30.06.17

Demons 14.9 (93) def Lions 1.1 (7)

It was back to the land of Clapham for the Super 3's, returning to our home ground against last years Grand Final opposition. Only a matter of weeks ago we went out to Reading and gave them a comfortable clip across their preverbal ears by a solid 19 goals. On this occasion it was going to be slightly different, the weather was the definition of outrageous and the big pitch meant for a long, hard day.

The lads didn't disappoint. From the first bounce it was immediate impact from the middle. There was navy and red jumpers tearing across the ground to get ball and kick ball. Led from the middle in typical fashion by Mark 'Bresci' Brescacin and met with equal hunger was Al 'Al-Skel' Skelly in ruck, Bert 'Brett' Hoare with utter hardness and Jacob 'Torpley' Torpey roving with clean heals. The Board lit up on several occasions with Trav 'Hollywood' Gordon bringing his class to the fore. The highlight for the First Quarter and the game was Courtney 'Babu' Wright producing some wizardry down the northern wing, taking the ball from the centre and running deep into the forward pocket, several bounces down he slid a perfect kick straight through the goals, supremely memorable from a Lady which he is.

The Second, Third and Fourth Quarters were much of the same, there wasn't a great deal of activity in the backline as the Reading Roos weren't able to produce much offence and a bloke like Jeremy 'Coombseeeey' Coombes being a punctuation mark to any of their attacks. Captain Terry Unitt moved up towards the mid field through the second half to oppose their roaming free men down back. Ray 'Bubba' Wright was swapped into the middle periodically and produced crisp and mature outcomes - including an outstanding five-goal haul. The whole game can be summed up with all round team efforts, the bench played their part whilst welcoming back Dave 'Sticky' Ronan for a flash-in-the-pan outing. It was a beautiful day in the sun and matched by the Demons tearing the Roo's a new one finishing the day 15 goals in front.

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