RD8 '17: Demons vs Hawks (W.Prem)

Mitch Skelly | 07.07.17

Demons 8.7 (55) def Hawks 0.2 (2)

Round 8 marked the final Demons home fixture for the season and the final game before finals for the women's premiership side. A win would lock in top spot and an undefeated season on the Common so the team was primed for strong performance in front of a vocal and boisterous home crowd.

The match literally could not have started better. Crofty winning the first of her 50 hit outs, Trucker the first of her copious amount of possessions and the Hankinson sisters combining to put a goal on the board in 10 seconds. The first 10 – 15 minutes of this match were some of the most free-flowing positive footy the team has played, the midfield were supplying the forwards with plenty of footy and the forwards were creating scoring opportunities regularly. As has been the trend lately we probably didn't capitalise on the volume of ball we had, scoring just the 3 goals, but the quarter was dominated by the Blue and Red.

The 2nd quarter was much of the same, Crofty and Trucker were everywhere and well supported by Becks, B and MC - meanwhile the Hankinson show in the forward half was in full flight. Socksy was her creative self, dishing out handballs to the likes of Beth and Nom Fim, whilst at the other end Princess and Nic D were leading the way in keeping the Hawks goalless. The game stepped up a notch before half time following a few tackles and hits that pushed the limits, with Becks and B letting the culprits know the Demons would not stand for it.

Half time was a much needed chance to cool down and re-set for the 2nd half. 5 goals until half time probably should have been more like 8 so the challenge was set to bang in a few more sausage rolls for the 2nd half. Unfortunately we skipped the sausages for donuts in the 3rd term… neither team able to score a goal in a nil all draw. Taking the opportunity to mix things up a little before finals, Gab at half back and Princess on the wing were the 2 stand outs in players playing new rolls, whilst Socksy was probably not having so much fun standing at full back.

Heading into the 4th quarter, and following the most uninspiring coach's speech in the history of sport, the Dee's were fired up to finish off as they started the game. Noodles was able to get more and more involved, Fliss took a couple of nice grabs and Tinni was everywhere. The result was another 3 goal quarter and an 8 goal win; Greta winning round 1 of the Hankinson show down kicking 4 goals, whilst Tessa finished with 3 and Noodles chipped in with 1.

This was a really pleasing game to finish the home and away season on, we were able to experiment with a few players in new positions and confirm some things we already knew. For the prem squad there are now 2 footy free weekends, as such training intensity needs to be high and everyone needs to be building on their fitness and skills before a battle with the Lions in the semi-finals.

Best Players - Trucker, Crofty, Pudge, Tessa, Gaby
Goals - 4 Pudge, 3 Tessa, 1 Noodles

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