RD9 '17: Demons vs Giants (Prem)

Ash Walsh | 13.07.17

Demons 12.16 (88) def. Giants 8.5 (53)

It was a tale of two halves last weekend against a much improved Giants outfit, while we grinded out a hard fought win. The Dees saw bulk changes with people getting in their last holidays before finals and plenty of running with the bulls. This created a great opportunity for boys to step up and play their first senior games - with Booky, Libba and Junior the beneficiaries, plus the steady hand of Conor Conor who has seen it all before.

The first half was... stinky. And stinky is a generous description. Giants showed us how to be first to the footy and we couldn't hit a target if our life depended on it. Tex and Rouse kicked 0.7 between them (couldn't hit a snow flake in a snow storm) for the first quarter and the Giants kicked accurately to make the most of their opportunities. If it wasn't for Benny R (if that is his real name?!) and Ricci's work rate, the story could have been much worse. The Dees went into the long break 30ish points behind searching for answers.

After some much needed soul searching and plenty said. The message was simple. Let's all take a deep breath, start taking some pride in our disposal and the non-negotiable - be first to the footy! Changes were made across the board with some cool heads injected into the middle in Macca, Pup and Benny R (if that is his real name?!), with Durance pushing to half back for some run and carry, as well as isolating the peacock himself Jet inside forward 50. Dangerous stuff, just ask him. But it worked. Rousey and Tex presented hard across half forward, Durance set up multiple attacks and the mid field got on top. The boys kicked 10 goals to two for the half to run out ultimate 35 point winners in a great team effort after half time. Well done to the boys who stepped up who contributed well and didn't look out of place. Special mention to Booky who in Glasgow had never played the game, and now makes great decisions with the footy and looks like a natural.

Best: Ben R (if that is his real name?!), Rikk, Pup, Jet, Tex, Durance, Andy
Goals: Jet 4, Rouse 4, Tex 3, Libba 1

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