RD10 '17: Demons vs Swans (W.Conf)

Mitch Skelly | 20.07.17

Demons 0.1 (1) drew Swans 0.1 (1)

What a game of footy! For anyone not there it might be hard to really appreciate how entertaining a game can be with only 2 points scored over the duration of 4 quarters... But those who were there will appreciate the effort, intensity and physicality of the match. Before the day both sides were equal on points, so whoever won the game would move into outright 2nd place on the ladder. Fortunately our percentage was slightly higher which had us holding 2nd before the match.

The first quarter was probably won by the Swans. The footy was down their end for a high portion of the quarter and it was that congested you could cover 30 players with pair of Rousey's XXXL shorts. Whilst it wasn’t pretty we were happy to keep things tight whilst the ball was down their end, with Elle V and Juice solid as a rock on the last line of defence and JODwyer applying the pressure in the middle. The Swans did manage to get 1 behind to take the lead.

Things started to pick up in the 2nd quarter, Auto got much more involved and French Steph had her mind set on tackling everyone and anyone she could. It was not pretty footy, but when we did get the footy forward the ever improving Gnat (German Nat) was dangerous and nearly bagged a great goal, but saw the ball just drift wide.

Scores were tied at half time... And didn't change until full time as we now know, but the 1st half was just a warm up to the carnage of the 2nd. Sarah continued to win everything in the ruck and provide the hard as nails Macca and the speed MC with some lovely taps. One great bit of play saw the ball head towards Coota on the lead only for a big collision with Aussie Steph to send both players to the deck. Coota came off worse with a bloodied face and a sore head, unfortunately that ended her day. Gnat and Auto both had some chance but couldn't quite score.

The final quarter was where we needed one last effort to get over the line. Frenchie was rag dolling the Swans, Macca was bulldozing packs and everyone was on edge. The likes of Goldy and Lisa E were getting their hands on the footy but we just couldn't get any real run going forwards. One amazing opportunity saw Jizzy, in her comeback game, running in to an open goal before being tackled as she kicked and not scoring. Fortunately for us the backline was never threatened and the hard fought draw was enough for the Dee's to finish 2nd and set up a Semi-final Super Saturday with all 5 teams playing at the same place for the first time.

Finals footy is what it's about and to have all 5 teams finish in the top 2 is an absolutely massive achievement. Good luck to everyone this week, make sure you get to training and work hard as the intensity will step up a notch and we need to be ready to go.

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