SEMI '17: Demons vs Wildcats (Prem)

Harry Dixon | 27.07.17

Demons 4.6 (30) def. Wildcats 3.10 (28)

First week of finals for the Men's Premiership team and what a day it was. A lot of excitement around the ground, with a few down pours of rain leading up to the first tap out.

The game was never going to be an easy ride and it sure started off like that. The Demons boys were ready to play, with our pressure being what will win us the game and quite a few hard tackles being laid across the ground. Ricci was given a job to shut down one of their keys players and didn't he do just that, tackle after tackle after tackle.

As the game went on, it was evident that the back 6 (Drakey, Nafan, Bowler, DJ, Lego and Lloydy) were there to not let the Wildcats through our defence, constantly finding someone to hit or taking a cliff-hanger mark and denying the Wildcats another opportunity to get it into their forward 50.

The game was back and forth between both teams. The Demons were down by 2 at quarter time, down by 2 at half time, up by 3 at three quarter time and in true Demons style we were down by 4 with 5 minutes to do (nothing better than keeping the crowd on their feet just like the Lions game earlier in the season). The ball was sent into our forward 50 with Tex getting a hold of it, off his boot and right between the goal for 6 points. If you haven’t heard about it, he'll be more than happy to tell you all about it. Pretty sure he's still talking about it.

With the Demons up by 2 points with 2 minutes to go, we went into lock down to make sure that there was no late chance from the Wildcats. The Demons winning by 2 points and straight into a home Grand Final!

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