SEMI '17: Demons vs Emus (Social)

Stu Fox | 27.07.17

Demons 6.4 (40) def Emus 6.1 (37)

The Super 3's have successfully made it through to the Finals and securing the top of the ladder was just the impetus to drive the first of a few daggers through the opposition’s heart. The boys were out at Duke's Meadow, home of the Ealing Emus with whom we were facing. The last of our meetings at this ground was in Round 1 and we were touched up like Choir Boys that day, but with a Grand Final spot on the line, it was our intention to rob this mob of a home victory and catapult ourselves into the Granny.

1st Quarter.

The start of the game was played on a 50/50 basis of possession; the Super 3's were certainly up to pace with a good turn of heel shown across the ground. This resulted in most of the first quarter being played in our attacking 50, alas little scoreboard pressure was enforced with all our attack. Danny 'The Rat' Raddis, back from injury and holidays, was an excellent addition to the forward line and harmonised well with Jimmy 'Libba' Excelby and John 'JD' Dillion providing solid defensive pressure. The few times it did end up in the Emu's forward line, big James 'Webby' Webster was right there and took an absolute beauty of a chest mark to save a surging opposition. Overall the first quarter was even but the Emu's picked up two running goals to puncture our momentum.

2nd Quarter.

A Second Quarter to forget, the Demons allowed easily defendable opportunities to slip through their fingers, the Emu's taking these opportunities and damaging the scoreboard. Luke 'Tayls' Taylor was one shining light with a solid goal off a perfectly gathered and play on ball from Brett 'Bert' Hoare, but it was a lackluster performance after an arm wrestle in the first quarter. The Demon's slipped further behind to allow almost a 3 goal barrier between them and the lead.

3rd Quarter.

The Demon's received a nice spray from Captain Terry 'Turtle' Unitt and stand in Coach Jeremy 'Coomba' Coombes at Half Time, clearly, the boys responded in kind and made sure the Emus knew all about it. BANG, BANG, BANG went the Super 3's to start the second half; Travis 'Hollywood' Gordon dispatched three excellent goals with superb play making in front of goal. The rest of the third term was an arm wrestle - much like the first quarter - but the lads were engrossing through the middle and each end of the ground, the activity was ferocious. Bevan 'Bev' Connelly and Rob 'Dill's' Dillon out on the Wings, Mark 'Bresci' Brescacin and Lachlan 'Lock'n'Key' Robinson in the middle were like hand-in-glove, while the hard nut Brett 'Bert' Hoare was wonderful to watch in full flight. It was a monumental quarter with the most beautiful goal to Bresci - a blind turn, a swoosh of the hair and quick kick around the corner to produce another goal. But the Emus still attacked, scoring for the final time in the quarter to assume the lead heading into the 4th.

4th Quarter:

With the pressure on and a spot in the Grand Final on the line, the men in the middle turned on the pizzazz, Lachlan, Bresci, Bert assisted by Ray 'Bubba' Wright and Micky Andrews they were aggressive and impressive. The Demons struck early with a point here and there, but we all knew that wasn't going to be enough. The Emus lead was held right to the end, the Demons were punishing but weren't able to convert for that momentous goal. With the pressure cometh the pain and the pain was felt for the Emus. With one of the cleanest plays seen to date; beginning with a ruck tap from Lock'n'Key in centre wing, produced a quick handball from Rob Dill's to Conor, who handballed back to Lock'n'Key who cleared with the following handball to Bert Hoare. Bert with several steps and a beautiful pass hit Bresci up on a lead around the 50-meter arch. Bresci in-turn swivelled onto his right and saw an open Micky Andrews, Micky was able to take a mark 30 meters out and eventually slotted the winning goal and only major of the quarter to propel the Super 3's into the big dance.

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