RD1 '18: Demons vs Wildcats (W.Conf)

Hayley "Noodles" Canton | 02.05.18

Clapham Demons 6.4 (40) def West London Wildcats 0.0 (0)

After an inspired performance against Putney in the pre season cup, our Conference girls came into this match knowing exactly what we were capable of.

Against a Wildcats team that included a handful of their Premiership players, our girls stood up and delivered. Captains Steely and Goldy lead from the front in the midfield all day, and Junior was dominant both in the ruck and around the ball. Tracey was involved in nearly every contest, constantly working to move the ball forward. The break through came from Jizzy with a booming goal on the run.

At quarter time the message was to communicate and support your teammates. Karis was everywhere in the mids, and a move to the wing gave her an opportunity to find space. While we didn’t get a goal this quarter we continued to move the ball forward with Tits Magee and Wendy working to make leads in our 50. Soph was everywhere, throwing herself into every contest. Whilst this time it might have resulted in a broken wrist, we are hoping she will be back as soon as possible. Speedy recovery to Horny as well from her concussion!

In the third quarter we gave Junior a break from rucking and Julz Hockey tapped in before holding the fort in the half back line. TJ and Meeks were making sure they were involved in the play in the forward line, ably backed up by the experience of Arnie. Screech played her full forward role perfectly and was able to chase down a kick from Jizzy and nudge it through the posts for our second goal of the day.

We were in for a big fourth quarter as we were gaining confidence and learning to play as a team. A move from the wing to the midfield gave Mel Jolly a chance to get more involved in the game and she was looking dangerous. We managed to find some more space and momentum in this quarter and both Pants and Amy W kicked goals off the back of full team efforts to finish off a comprehensive win.

Unfortunately our poor back line was in for a quiet day in the office because the ball wasn’t making it past our mids but when it did Juicy Lucy, Beast, Anita, Hannah and Ellie Parker had it covered while Moans showed her skills with a late switch from fullback to the to the midfield. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the season. I can’t wait to see how these girls are going to improve and grow as a team over the next four months.

Goal Scorers: Jizzy, Screech, Pants and Amy W

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